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1 Comment

    This young man did a great job with this missed up re-arrangement song “Strange Fruit”.
    America Idol 2022,were you too afraid to allow him to sing the words “black bodies swinging in the southern breeze, which was the strange fruit that was hanging in the poplar tree, blogging eyes and twisted mouth,which is how the face of the black man looked after he was lynched?
    Leaving out these words took away the very meaning of the song, which I believe American Idol producers did intentionally.
    Shame on you American Idol for not allowing this young man ,who sound like Nina Simone to sing this song the way it was written.
    Here in Oxford Ms, I will be performing “Stange Fruit’ on April 2, 2022 for our even, The Lafayette County Remembrance Project, to acknowledge 7 Black men who were lynched in this County.
    We have placed a Marker on the County courthouse yard in the area that one of the Bkack men was lynched for speaking to a White woman.
    The tree that the Black man was lynched was cut down and the area paved. This is the kind of history some White folks don’t want to talk about anymore.

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