The Voice Recap Tonight: Top 12 Live Shows Results December 4, 2023 Episode

The Voice Recap Tonight – The Voice Season 24 returns with the Top 12 Live Performances show tonight, Monday, December 4, 2023 on NBC at 8/7c.

The Voice Recap Tonight: Top 12 Live Shows December 4, 2023 Episode
The Voice Recap Tonight: Top 12 Live Shows December 4, 2023 Episode

It’s the Top 12  Live Shows of the The Voice Season 24 tonight. The Top 12 artists, three from each team, will perform live for America’s vote. Chance the Rapper will serve as the mentor for the Top 12 live shows.

Performing tonight are Azán, Lila Forde and Mac Royals from Teal Legend. Huntley, Nini Iris and Mara Justine from Team Niall.

Bias, Tanner Massey and Kara Tenae from Team Gwen. Ruby Leigh, Jordan Rainer and Jacquie Roar from Team Reba.

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Jacquie Roar from Team Reba sings “Wildflowers and Wild Horses”

“That was comfortable looks like, I’ve seen you on stage like that,” said Niall.

“You are incredible and you look beautiful tonight, it’s so tasteful and I love the dynamics, you can do anything” said Gwen.

“Way to go, you had fun up there,” said Reba.

Nini Iris from Team Niall sings “Lovesong”

“You clearly one of the best talent we have, you showed your star power on stage,” said John.

“That is absolutely spectacular well done,” said Niall.

Kara Tenae from Team Gwen sings “Love”

“This is a true R&B classic, those runs are amazing and you nailed it, the execution is excellent,” said John.

“You do what you do, you are so unbelievably poised and and so pure,” said Gwen.

Tanner Massey from Team Gwen sings “Thnks fr th Mmrs”

“I always wanted you on my team, you have many improved many steps,” said Reba.

“You did so great, you did such a good job and I’m so proud of you,” said Gwen.

Lila Forde from Team Legend sings “Closer to Fine”

Niall believes that she has the potential to become a talented songwriter. John experienced a sense of being present at Lila’s concert and expressed, “You are truly special.”

Ruby Leigh from Team Reba sings “You Lie”

“That was special, I love you looking over Reba for approval, it was insane,” said Niall.

“You blew it out of the water, it was spectacular and it was so powerful,” said Reba.

Huntley from Team Niall sings “With a Little Help from My Friends”

“You are already a pro, you just so great in what you do and your voice is powerful,” said John.

“You did unbelievably there, you deserves to be here right until the very end,” said Niall.

Azán from Team Legend sings “Ex-Factor”

“I was blown away, you made that song your song,” said Gwen.

“Your passion, nuance and emotion, it was gorgeous,” said John.

Jordan Rainer from Team Reba sings “Stranger in My House”

“You have a gravitational pull as a performer,” said Niall.

“I’m so proud of you. You demand attention and you’re a star,” said Reba.

Mara Justine from Team Niall sings “Lose Control”

“That was insane by far the best, you grow and the confidence you gain is incredible,” said Niall.

Mac Royals from Team Legend sings “I Can’t Make You Love Me”

“You are elite talent, you let people in emotionally. You did connect to the song without over singing,” said John.

Bias from Team Gwen sings “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

“That’ s the reason why I wanted you on my team, you are so good,” said Reba.

“It’s like a dream that you are on my team, you just keep being you, you’re the purest person I’ve ever met,” said Gwen.

The Voice Top 12 Elimination Results

TOP 9 Artists

  1. Mac Royals – Team Legend
  2. Bias – Team Gwen
  3. Ruby Leigh – Team Reba
  4. Mara Justine – Team Niall
  5. Lila Forde – Team Legend
  6. Huntley – Team Niall
  7. Jacquie Roar – Team Reba
  8. Nini Iris – Team Niall
  9. Jordan Rainer – Team Reba – Instant Save


Jordan Rainer from Team Reba sings “Blame It on Your Heart”

“You are consistent that was amazing,” said Niall. “You are so talented, your personality is perfect for America,” said Reba.

Kara Tenae from Team Gwen sings “Love Takes Time”

“That was ridiculous. That was unbelievable, it was so beautiful,” said Gwen.

Tanner Massey from Team Gwen sings “More Than Words”

“I just think you are gifted, at 19 years old your gift is so real and your tone is so beautiful,” said Gwen.

Azán from Team Legend sings “No Tears Left to Cry”

“That was an incredible song choice, it’s amazing,” said Niall. “You have an incredible journey on the show. You have charisma that light up the stage,” said John.


  1. Kara Tenae – Team Gwen
  2. Tanner Massey – Team Gwen
  3. Azán – Team Legend


The Voice is a top rating singing competition aired on NBC. The show is based on the original The Voice of Holland. It aims to find currently unsigned singing talents ages 15 or above.

The winner is determined by television viewers through public voting. The winner will receive cash prize and a record deal with Universal Music Group.

Reba McEntire, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Niall Horan will serve as coaches while Carson Daly as host.

The Voice Season 24 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c only on NBC. The show is also available to watch via NBC’s official live streaming channel.

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