VeeWise vs. Moonton Issue Because of Rivalry?

A recent controversy has erupted within the Esports community, involving popular gaming company Moonton and emerging talent VeeWise. The issue centers around the exclusion of VeeWise from the list of Top 10 Grand Prix (GP) nominees, with a cloud of suspicion suggesting that the root cause might be their affiliation with the online game called Rivalry.

VeeWise Moonton Issue Because of Rivalry?
VeeWise Moonton Issue Because of Rivalry?

While the Esports world is no stranger to heated rivalries, this particular conflict has taken an intriguing twist. It appears that the dispute is not linked to betting companies, as one might initially assume, but rather revolves around a rivalry of a different nature – brand competition.

In a surprising turn of events, Boss Tryke, a notable figure in the Esports industry, revealed that they had informed Blacklist, the team that VeeWise is affiliated with, ahead of time regarding the exclusion of VeeWise from the GP nominees list. This omission was attributed to the promotional activities VeeWise is engaged in with certain “brands that they’re not comfortable with.” The specific brands in question have not been disclosed, leaving room for speculation.

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VeeWise, on the other hand, took to their recent podcast to provide their perspective on the matter. According to them, the primary reason behind their omission from the Top 10 GP list is none other than their affiliation with the brand.

A notable point of contention is that a player who has been actively promoting a betting brand for an extended period is still on the list of GP nominees. However, the crucial distinction here is that this player’s association is not with Rivalry, the brand that seems to be at the heart of the dispute.


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Given the ambiguity surrounding the issue, speculations have arisen, raising questions about the nature of the disagreement between Moonton and Rivalry. Is it a personal matter, an internal dispute, or something else entirely? The ESports community eagerly awaits a statement from Moonton that may provide some much-needed clarity on the situation.

While this controversy is currently shrouded in uncertainty, it has sparked intense discussions and debates within the Esports community. Fans and industry insiders are eager to learn more about the motivations behind Moonton’s decisions and the possible ramifications of this ongoing feud.

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