Team Karylle, Amy, MC & Lassy “Magpasikat 2023” Performance Video

Team Karylle, Amy, MC, and Lassy took the “It’s Showtime” stage at “Magpasikat 2023” and left an indelible mark with their extraordinary performance!

Team Karylle, Amy, MC & Lassy "Magpasikat 2023" Performance Video
Team Karylle, Amy, MC & Lassy “Magpasikat 2023” Performance Video

On the second day of this highly-anticipated annual event, the quartet showcased a mesmerizing act that seamlessly blended various talents, including music, comedy, and entertainment.

Team Karylle, Amy, MC, and Lassy’s performance was a masterfully crafted a family-oriented production number, delivering a captivating and heartwarming experience that resonated with the audience and home viewers.

Here’s what the judges have to say about their performance.

Watch Team Karylle, Amy, MC & Lassy’s Magpasikat 2023 performance on the video below.

“Magpasikat” is renowned for celebrating creativity and skill, and this team certainly lived up to the expectations, setting a high standard for the competition. As the event continues, the big question is whether their exceptional performance will be enough to secure the Grand Champion title at “Magpasikat 2023.”

As the week unfolds, viewers can anticipate more thrilling performances from the other host teams, each competing for the coveted title. Keep following “It’s Showtime” and the official ABS-CBN YouTube livestream to witness all the excitement and exceptional talent presented during “Magpasikat 2023.”

The victorious team of “Magpasikat 2023” will be granted a prize of P300,000, which will be donated to their designated beneficiary.

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