Netizens Cry Foul in this Chowking Viral Video

Netizens cry foul in this Chowking viral video!

Netizens Cry Foul in this Chowking Viral Video
Netizens Cry Foul in this Chowking Viral Video

A TikTok video showing a Chowking SM Ecoland branch employee walking through Ecoland to find customers has ignited a concerns over alleged worker exploitation. Netizens express disappointment, calling on the branch manager to address the reported issue.

In the video, the employee claim a lack of a transportation budget, which forces them to cover their own expenses when using public transport for work-related activities. Additionally, the staff alleges being assigned sales quotas, a practice that has sparked criticism online, with many arguing that it exceeds the typical responsibilities of service personnel.

In response to the growing outrage, social media users are urging some government agency to initiate investigations into the employment practices at the Chowking branch.

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Watch the Chowking trending video below.


lets do better, and treat are servers fairly! 😕 #davao #fastfood

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