Nawat vs MJ Lastimosa: MGI President Bans MJ at his Pageant

Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, the esteemed founder and president of the Miss Grand International pageant, has taken a drastic step by banning MJ Lastimosa, renowned Miss Universe Philippines 2014, from stepping and participating in future Miss Grand International events. This decision follows a highly publicized feud that unfolded online, stemming from a contentious vlog posted by Lastimosa.

Nawat vs MJ Lastimosa: MGI President Bans MJ at his Pageant
Nawat vs MJ Lastimosa: MGI President Bans MJ at his Pageant

The controversy began when Lastimosa, in her vlog, posed a question to her guest Maki Gingoyon, asking to identify the worst beauty pageant in the Philippines. The guest swiftly singled out Miss Grand Philippines and its international counterpart, Miss Grand International, as the least favorable among the beauty pageants in the country. This remark triggered an outpouring of anger from Mr. Itsaragrisil, leading to Lastimosa’s banishment from the esteemed pageant.

This incident comes on the heels of Mr. Itsaragrisil’s previous disappointment with Miss Grand Philippines 2023, Nikki De Moura. De Moura had left the final show of Miss Grand International after Nikki failed to secure a spot in the coveted top 20 contestants, prompting Mr. Itsaragrisil’s dismay.

Mr. Itsaragrisil’s frustration escalated further when Lastimosa and her guest openly ridiculed the Miss Grand pageant in their vlog. As a result, Mr. Itsaragrisil has unequivocally stated that Lastimosa is no longer welcome at any Miss Grand International events, signifying the end of their association.

In a strongly worded statement, Mr. Itsaragrisil went on to criticize Lastimosa, labeling her as “no brain and no mind.” He emphasized that her actions and comments fell well below the standard expected of a beauty queen, further intensifying the controversy surrounding this incident.

“Don’t come to Miss Grand anymore, we don’t know each other from now. I don’t want to meet people like you, it’s below standard, it’s not sincere,” Nawat said during his live stream broadcast on TitTok.

This incident has sent shocks through the beauty pageant community, raising important questions about professionalism and sportsmanship within the industry. The repercussions of this decision are yet to unfold, leaving the pageant world in anticipation of further developments and the resolution of this high-profile controversy.

MJ Lastimosa has not issued any statements regarding Nawat’s opinion.

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