LIVESTREAM: Miss Globe 2023 Finals, Results, Winners & Updates

The Miss Globe 2023 Finals grand coronation night will be happening tonight at the Sports Palace in Durrës, Albania, Thursday, November 17, 2023.

LIVESTREAM: Miss Globe 2023 Finals, Results, Winners & Updates
LIVESTREAM: Miss Globe 2023 Finals, Results, Winners & Updates

The stage is set for a night of elegance, grace, and international celebration as the Miss Globe 2023 Finals unfolds in the picturesque landscapes of Albania. This prestigious beauty pageant, renowned for its commitment to empowerment and global representation, is poised to be a spectacle that transcends borders and embraces diversity.

The competition, featuring representatives from various countries, will see these women compete in multiple categories, highlighting their talents and advocacy efforts. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Miss Globe emphasizes the importance of making a positive impact on a global scale, providing contestants with a unique opportunity to champion their chosen causes.

Albania, as the host nation, welcomes the world to witness the crowning of Miss Globe 2023 on November 17, 2023. The event transcends traditional beauty pageants, focusing on cultural exchange and fostering goodwill between nations.

How to watch the Miss Globe 2023 Finals?

For those eager to witness the coronation night, the Miss Globe 2023 Finals will be live streamed on its official YouTube channel on Thursday, November 17, 2023.

Save this page, we will add the live video here once available online.

Miss Globe 2023 Live Update, Results & Winners

Keep locked on this page, Miss Globe 2023 coronation night, final results, winners and updates will be added below once announced.

Top 15

  1. Jamaica
  2. USA
  3. Norway
  4. Albania
  5. India
  6. Nigeria
  7. Thailand
  8. China
  9. Ukraine
  10. Malaysia
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. Philippines
  13. Spain
  14. Poland
  15. Venezuela


2nd Runner-Up:  Anna Lakrini of Philippines

1st Runner-Up:  Katia Agbodo Rodriguez of Spain

The Miss Globe 2023: Manvin Khera of Malaysia

The Miss Globe 2023 is the 20th edition of The Miss Globe pageant to be held at the Sports Palace in Durrës, Albania on Thursday, November 17, 2023. Miss Globe 2022 Anabel Payano of Dominican Republic will crown her successor at the end of the event.

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