Apple Accidentally Sent This TikToker 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max?

In a stroke of astonishing luck or logistical mishap, a popular TikToker, known by the handle @legends_gio, recently received an unexpected and overwhelming surprise when his order for four iPhone 15 Pro Max units from Apple turned into a delivery of over 60 of the latest flagship devices.

Apple Accidentally Sent This TikToker 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max?
Apple Accidentally Sent This TikToker 60 iPhone 15 Pro Max?

@legends_gio shared the jaw-dropping turn of events with his followers, posting a video on TikTok in which he expressed his disbelief and excitement over the massive delivery. Initially, he had ordered one 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max for himself and three 256GB models for his media team. However, to his amazement, three large boxes arrived, each containing approximately 20 iPhone 15 Pro Max units.

The TikToker quickly noted that all 60 units were the top-of-the-line 1TB variant, each priced at $1,599. With this unexpected bounty, the total value of the iPhones received is estimated at nearly $100,000, a stark contrast to the approximately $4,000 he initially anticipated spending.

While this situation may seem like a dream come true, it’s essential to exercise caution, as there are important factors to consider. Apple has the capability to remotely disable and make devices unusable if they were shipped in error or due to a mistake on their part. Therefore, the excitement may be short-lived for @legends_gio.


Someone reallyyy screwed up 😭 #fyp

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The situation has stirred up a storm of speculation in the online community. While some believe this to be an incredible accident, others have posited an alternative theory. Many are questioning whether @legends_gio, who is perceived as financially well-off, intentionally ordered the excess iPhones to create buzz and gain views on social media platforms.

The verdict on whether this was an accident or an intentional move remains elusive. Whether a fortunate accident or a calculated ploy, this story serves as a testament to the unpredictability of technology and the intrigue it can generate in the world of social media.

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