Sukee Sunscreen Issue: CEO and Sellers Face Backlash After Bullying a Reviewer

Sukee Sunscreen, a popular sunscreen brand in the Philippines, has come under intense scrutiny after their CEO and Sellers were accused of bullying and harassing a customer who posted a negative product review. The incident, which unfolded online on popular video sharing platform TikTok, has sparked outrage among consumers and highlighted the importance of ethical conduct in e-commerce.

Sukee Sunscreen Issue: CEO and Sellers Face Backlash After Bullying a Reviewer

The controversy began when a dissatisfied customer left a critical review of Sukee Sunscreen on TikTok. Rather than addressing the concerns raised in the review, Louiejay Baloc, the CEO and several sellers associated with the brand allegedly engaged in a campaign of intimidation against the reviewer.

The bullying tactics included sending negative remarks, body shaming and as well as coordinating efforts to humiliate the reviewer to push him down in the platform. The individuals involved also attempted to discredit the reviewer regarding the authenticity of some positive reviews posted in response to the negative feedback.

TikTok user Wear Sunscreen, said in his honest review that Sukee Sunscreen is like a wall paint and one of the worst sunscreen he ever tried. He also noted that the product is not FDA approved.


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This incident has ignited public outrage, with consumers expressing their concerns about the alleged harassment and manipulation of reviews. Calls for a boycott of Sukee Sunscreen products have circulated on TikTok and other social media platform.

Meanwhile, Louiejay Baloc and Sukee Sunscreen sellers have issued a public apology about the incident.

The Sukee Sunscreen issue serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the online marketplace. It also underscores the significant impact that bullying and unethical behavior can have on a brand’s reputation. As the investigation continues, consumers are reminded to value and rely on honest and credible product reviews when making purchasing decisions.

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