Miss Peru Luciana Fuster Crowned Winner of Miss Grand International 2023

Who is the winner of Miss Grand International 2023? Miss Peru Luciana Fuster is the announced winner of Miss Grand International 2023, Miss Myanmar finished runner-up.

Miss Peru Luciana Fuster Crowned Winner of Miss Grand International 2023

In a dazzling evening that celebrated beauty, talent, and social advocacy, Miss Peru, Luciana Fuster, was crowned the winner of Miss Grand International 2023. The pageant took place at the sparkling Phú Thọ Indoor Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on October 25th, drawing viewers from around the world and marking a momentous occasion in the world of international beauty pageants.

Luciana Fuster, a 25-year-old beauty from Peru, stood out among an impressive lineup of contestants, ultimately capturing the coveted crown. The event featured a showcase of elegance and charisma, but it was Luciana’s charisma, eloquence, and commitment to humanitarian causes that stole the show.

The pageant, which is renowned for its strong emphasis on social advocacy, focuses on promoting peace, love, and understanding across the globe. Each contestant is encouraged to support a cause close to their hearts, and Luciana Fuster championed her platform of mental health awareness.

During the Questing and Answer portion, she was asked, “With the ongoing situations between Israel and Harmas from Gaza strip for the past 18 days and there’s already 8000 civilians who lost their lives. If you have a chance to speak to one of the leader which one would you choose to speak to and what would you say to them in order to improve the situations.”

Her winning answer: “Nowadays we live in constant conflict and sadly war, it is difficult to stop. So, I would talk to Israel president and ask him to take care about all his nation because no one deserves to live in hurt, there are a lot of people laying day by day and the news are horrible. If we didn’t change our mind, we can never be a great society. Please release the hostages.”

Luciana Fuster succeeded Miss Grand International 2022, Isabella Menin of Brazil, and will now take on the role of a global ambassador for peace and humanitarian causes. Her reign is expected to encompass a series of international tours, appearances, and advocacy efforts.

The pageant was not just about crowning a new queen; it was also a spectacular event filled with stunning evening gowns, impressive talent showcases, and heartwarming stories of compassion. The event featured a diverse group of contestants representing various countries, all united by the common goal of promoting peace and harmony in the world.

Other winners are Miss Myanmar as the first runner-up, Miss Colombia as the second runner-up, the United States as the third runner-up, and Vietnam as the fourth runner-up.

Luciana Fuster’s victory as Miss Grand International 2023 is a moment of pride for the Peru, and it underscores the importance of using beauty pageants as a platform to address global issues and make a positive impact on society. Her reign is sure to inspire others to join the cause and work towards a more peaceful and compassionate world.

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