WATCH: Awra Briguela CCTV Footage Full Video

CCTV footage of Awra Briguela brawl in a bar in Makati surfaces online!

In a shocking turn of events, a recently leaked CCTV footage showing what happened inside the Makati bar before Awra Briguela get arrested, has emerged online.

The footage, which quickly went viral, shows a surprising and unexpected incident involving Briguela’s group. The exact details of the incident are still unclear, leaving fans and the public eager to learn more about what transpired.

Watch the full CCTV footage in this link!

Awra Briguela was arrested and detained after being involved in a brawl at a bar in Makati City. The 19-year-old entertainer found herself in trouble when a heated argument escalated into a brawl, leading to his apprehension by local authorities. She was released on Saturday.

Authorities are currently investigating the matter, and Awra Briguela’s representatives have yet to release an official statement regarding the footage.


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