Daisy Lopez “Madam Inutz” Fans Disappointed Over Star Image Contract Deal?

Viral online seller Daisy Lopez, popularly known as Madam Inutz, has already singed a management contact deal with Star Image on Friday, August 13, 2021.

Following her overnight online selling fame, Madam Inutz has sealed a contract deal with Star Image Management Artist.

However, thousands of her fans are shocked on her sudden decision to join the agency saying that “she made her career by herself” and “she can make it on her own.”

Even popular vlogger Madam Kilay shared her views about the issue advising Madam Inutz to “do it on her own” because she’s already at the peak level of popularity.

Meanwhile, not all fans are sad about her decision, many are still supporting and congratulating Daisy Lopez for what she have achieved for her career.

Here’s what the netizens have to say about the issue.

Madam Kilay to Madam Inutz video.

Daisy Lopez “Madam Inutz” skyrocketed to fame from selling ukay clothes on Facebook. Her witty presence, dancing skills and funny lines steals the heart and attentions of the netizens. Her most recent live selling have has reached 2 million views and her video clips are all over TikTok and Facebook.

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