VIDEO: Uncut Footage of LeBron’s Heartbreaking Reaction after JR Smith Mistake in Game 1

Check out this footage of Lebron James from the Cleveland bench right after JR Smith made a mistake for dribbling away in the last 4.7 seconds of NBA Finals 2018 GAME 1.

In the video, a heartbreaking reaction from Lebron can be seen after he learned that the Cavaliers still had a timeout remaining that could’ve been used while Smith was escaping.

Uncut Footage of LeBron's Heartbreaking Reaction after JR Smith Mistake in Game 1 Video

Watch on the video below.

During the last seconds of  GAME 1, Cavaliers guard George Hill was at the line with a chance to give his team the lead. However, his second free throw came short and the ball bounced to JR Smith.

Smith then dribble the ball to mid court while thinking his team was ahead. The move end the 4th quarter with 107-107 overtime.

In the end, the Golden State Warriors outscored the Cleveland Cavaliers with 17-7 score gap in overtime.

“I was trying to get enough to bring it out to get a shot off,” Smith told reporters. “I knew we were tied. I thought we were going to call timeout,” Smith explained.

However, Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue said Smith thought the game was over, that the Cavs were up by a one and had won Game 1.

“He thought it was over. He thought we were up one,” said Lue.


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