WATCH: Abusive Woman ‘Chezka Bautista’ Attacks MMDA Traffic Enforcer

A video showing an abusive woman attacking a traffic enforcer is making rounds online.

Update: The girl in the viral video was identified as Chezka Bautista.

In a video posted on Facebook, a woman identified as Chezka Bautista can be seen cursing, berating and even trying to slam her helmet to MMDA traffic enforcer.

Abusive Woman Attacks MMDA Traffic Enforcer

The woman who is riding a motorcycle with another guy was originally charged for not wearing helmet. 15 minutes later, the enforcers again spotted them and the girl is still not wearing helmet.

The girl shows violent behavior and becomes abusive after thinking that one of the enforcers is laughing at her.

The incident happened at Visayas Avenue in Quezon City.

Watch the video below.

Last December, motorist Cherish Sharmaine Interior show the same behavior towards an old taxi driver named Virgilio Doctor. Interior was heavily criticize for slapping the driver.

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