Look: Customer Found Hairy Skin in Turks Shawarma

A customer posted complaint on Facebook after finding a piece of hairy cow skin in her Turks Shawarma meal.

A certain Hannah Recerone shared her horrible dining experience when she found a foul meat in her Turks Shawarma meal.

Customer Found Hairy Skin in Turks Shawarma

According to Recerone, the hairy thing in her meal is disgusting and unsanitary that makes her think if what kind of meat she is eating.

When she showed it to the crew, their response even shocked her — the crew said that “it happened again.”

Check photos below.

Hannah Recerone said she loves Turks and she has no intention of damaging the brand name but she needs to brought up the issue to make others aware.

Meanwhile, another customer shared the same experience with Hannah. See below.

As of this writing, Hannah’s post has been shared more than 11K times and has received more than 4K reactions on Facebook.

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