WATCH: Janica Nam Floresca Tells the ‘Truth’ behind Franco’s Drowning Incident

Janica Nam Floresca, the girlfriend of late hashtag member Franco Hernandez, reveals the truth behind the drowning incident that took the life of her boyfriend in an exclusive interview with

Speaking to, Janica tells the exact details and possible loopholes on Franco’s November 11 drowning accident.

Janica Nam Floresca Tells the 'Truth' behind Franco's Drowning Incident

Janica said she wanted to correct story told by the boatmen during UKG interview and Tom Doramal’s side of story aired on Rated K.

Floresca claimed that there’s no truth that the boatmen reminded them to wear life jackets. She also said that Franco was not rushed to the hospital after being rescued, contrary to Tom’s story.

Janica also reveled that she saw bump on Franco’s forehead and a wound at the back of his head — which she can’t confirm where her boyfriend got it. She said that she didn’t saw those injuries when she was with Franco before the rescuer took him.

Watch on the video below.

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