WATCH: Billy, James and Amy ‘Magpasikat’ Performance on It’s Showtime

Billy Crawford, James Reid and Amy Perez teamed-up for a magical ‘Magpasikat’ performance on Monday’s episode of It’s Showtime, October 16, 2017.

Billy, James Reid, Amy and other team member dances while performing magic tricks. Some of the tricks shown are the ‘quick change’ trick and ‘great escape.’

“It’s a very hard number to rehearse. I like Amy’s number. I enjoyed Amy’s very much. It’s so much fun to watch” said Rory Quintos.

“Production value and costumes and presentation are nice. All in all, it’s very nice,” said Janno Gibbs.

Watch on the video below.

According to Billy, everyone in their team work so hard for their performance.

In celebration of Showtime’s 8th anniversary, show hosts are divided into group. Each will perform a ‘Magpasikat’ production number beginning today.

On Saturday, the winning group will be announced.

What can you say about Billy, James and Amy’s magpasikat performance? Share your thoughts and views on the comment section below.

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