Facebook Messenger keeps Crashing on Apple iOS 11

Facebook Messenger suddenly start crashing for unknown reason.

Hundreds of users are complaining that their Facebook Messenger application are crashing down.

Facebook Messenger keeps Crashing on Apple iOS 11, Here's how to Fix

It is not known what’s causing the problems but many users have mentioned that the app starts crashing after updating to Apple iOS 11 operating system.

While most cases occurs after OS update, some users reported that the issue is even happening to lower iOS version.

It seems that the Facebook Messenger problem is a worldwide issue. Currently “Facebook Messenger” is generating 800K thousand conversations on Facebook alone. Thousands also brought up the issue on Twitter and Reddit.

Meanwhile, some suggest that rebooting the phone and reinstalling both Facebook and messenger app can resolve the problem — the fix works for some, but does nothing to others.

Facebook have not made any comment yet about the issue.

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