Apple iPhone 8 Glass Back ‘Breaks’ during Drop Test

Apple iPhone 8 glass back breaks during drop test!

Poised as the strongest glass ever used on smartphones, the back glass panel of Apple iPhone 8 will break if you drop it.

Apple iPhone 8 Glass Back 'Breaks' during Drop Test

In a series of drop test conducted by PhoneBuff, Apple iPhone 8 back glass shuttered on it’s first drop.

While the phone remains fully functional, the spider cracks can be seen all over the back of the phone.

When tested for face drop, the phone also suffered unpleasant damage, but still functional.

Watch on the below.

The test was conducted alongside with Samsung Note 8. Both phone suffers the same damage on its first, second and third drop.

Meanwhile, iPhone 8 is now available on all Apple stores. iPhone 8 costs $699 while iPhone 8 plus priced $799.

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