Watch: Delta Airlines Removes Passenger for Using Restroom

A man was removed from his Delta Airlines flight after an emergency trip to the restroom.

Delta Airlines Removes Passenger for Using Restroom Bathroom

Kima Hamilton gets kicked off from a Milwaukee-bound Delta Airlines flight after he made a quick run to the restroom before take off.

According to reports, Hamilton leave his seat while the plane taxied on the run way for take off. Passengers were told to remain seated but Hamilton said it was urgent and he had to go to the restroom.

Initially, Hamilton was told that he could not use the restroom. He tried to follow the order but eventually, after 30 minutes, he had to go because he couldn’t hold it.

Moments later, the pilot announced that they have to go back to the gate and remove a passenger.

Below is the footage from fellow passenger when Delta employee asked Kima Hamilton to leave the plane.

In the end, Kima Hamilton get off the plane and was forced to buy a ticket three times the price from another airline.

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