Watch: Ronnie Dayan confirms 7-year love affair with De Lima

Ronnie Dayan admitted his love affair with Leila De Lima, which lasted 7 years.


Ronnie Dayan, the controversial ex-driver-bodyguard-lover and alleged bagman of Leila De Lima confirm his romantic relationship with the senator, which he said lasted for 7 years.

“It’s true, we have relationship, seven years,” Dayan said in a press briefing at Camp Crame in Quezon City on Tuesday.

Watch on the video below.

Dayan was arrested at Sitio Turod , Brgy San Felipe in San Juan, La Union on Tuesday at 11:30am.

A warrant of arrest was issued versus Ronnie Dayan after he failed to attend a House hearing on the alleged illegal drug trade inside the NBP.

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