Watch: Philippines Nicole Cordoves gets booed for choosing ‘Trump’ in Miss Grand International Q&A

Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves got booed after choosing ‘Donald Trump’ in the Q&A portion of Miss Grand International 2016 beauty pageant.


During the Question and Answer Portion, the pageant committee posted a politically associated question for the Top 5 finalists.

The question is… “Who would you choose to help you stop the war and violence, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”

Nicole answered:

“Okay, you have to promise me that you would react after my first sentence. I would choose Donald Trump to stop the war and violence with me because if we choose him to switch to our side there won’t be war and violence anymore.

So, I will also make sure that he will read my speeches to stop the war and violence because imagine someone who would bring so much madness and so much emotion from these people.

What if we use his voice to actually do good for the world? What if we use that to our advantage? That’s why let’s keep the peace and let Donald Trump switch to our side to stop the war and violence.”

Watch on the video below.

Cordoves earned applause but got booed at the same time on stage for her answer.

Eventually, Miss Philippines Nicole Cordoves finished runner-up while Miss Indonesia Ariska Putri Pertiwi wins the Miss Grand International 2016 crown.

Did she lose to Miss Indonesia for choosing Tump over Clinton? Share your comments and views below.

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