Watch: Marco admits feeling for Vivoree on PBB Lucky 7

Marco finally admits his real feelings for Vivoree inside Pinoy Big Brother house.


On Sunday’s episode of PBB Lucky Season 7, Marco confessed to Vivoree that he likes her and he wanted to know her more.

“The first time we became close, I was looking at you like a sister. The next day… I don’t know,” Marco told Vivoree.

“I don’t understand if I have a crush on you or not… but I don’t want to hurry about my feelings,” said Marco.

“Yeah, I like you. I wanted you to know that I like you and I wanted to know you better,” he added.

Well, I can’t tell my feelings… I can’t tell when we go outside… if our feelings are still there,” Vivoree replied.

Vivoree later told to Marco that she feels the same.

Watch on this video link.

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