Watch: Doctor vs Rider in minor road accident — Who’s at fault?

A series of Facebook videos showing a lady doctor and a motor rider having a heated confrontation after a minor road accident in front of a hospital is making rounds online.

rider vs doctor

In the said videos, a doctor was filmed scolding the rider inside a clinic of a hospital — both are involved in a minor vehicle accident few steps outside the medical facility.

Marie Farillon, the uploader of the video claimed that the lady doctor was unprofessional and showed no manners towards the rider which she hit in the said accident.

Based on the video, the rider suffers minor bruises, scratches and shoulder pain. He repeatedly requested to undergo an x-ray test and repeatedly ignore the instructions of the doctor who is trying to treat his wound and do some examination. He was also heard suggesting to settle the incident with the police and pay for the damages of his motorbike.

The lady doctor however, who loses her cool, treated the the wound and do checkups on the rider. She also disapprove the x-ray request and insisted that there’s no need of doing the x-ray test. She said that she is a doctor she knows what to do. She also claim that the accident is not her fault.

Watch on the video below.

Below is the photo of the said accident.

doctor vs rider accident

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