Watch: Christian and Kisses safe, Aizan evicted on PBB Lucky 7 Teen Edition

Christian Morones and Kisses Delavin survived the first eviction on PBB Lucky 7 Teen Edition, Aizan Perez eliminated.

Christian and Kisses saved Aizan evicted

The first housemate evicted from PBB house is Aizan Perez. The announcement was made on Saturday’s PBB Live First Eviction episode, August 27, 2016.

Aizan Perez was eliminated after getting the longest time in the LigTask Challenge given by Big Brother.

Watch the eviction replay and highlights video on this link.

Meanwhile, Christian Morones and Kisses Delavin will continue to stay inside the house after successfully completing the special challenge.

The two finished the task with the shortest time.

What do you think of the eviction process? Did Aizan deserved to be evicted early? Share your comments and views below.

Photo: ABS-CBN / PBB


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