Joey Salceda calls MTRCB and DSWD to take action after Badjao Girl got teased on PBB

Albay 2nd District Representative Joey Salceda summons the attention of MTRCB and DSWD to take a remedial action after Rita Gabiola ‘Badjao Girl’ got teased inside PBB House.

Rita-Gabiola-Underwear-Joey Salceda

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Salceda express his sentiments towards the discrimination, subconscious racism and bullying surrounding Badjao contestant Rita Gabiola inside PBB House.

He also called the attention of government agencies including DSWD, NCIP and MTRCB to look into the matter.

Read below:

“PBB must be unequivocal against incipient discrimination, subconscious racism and the bullying it engenders in any contour and complexion, only made grievous by its grand display to a national audience esp to its target segment – the youth whose moral judgment is just forming. It partakes of social discrimination to our indigenous peoples who have suffered enough and long enough from the oppression of our colonizers and from the neglect of the Christian majority. It touches a raw nerve in our national psyche and violates the conscience of a nation who has not addressed the historical injustices to our original inhabitants of these islands. From the start, PBB should have been structured to prevent its occurrence. Treatment of indigenous peoples is too delicate for a “role playing-***-confession room” context. It may address the direct participants but what about millions who watch the violation but failed for some reason to watch the episode of correction. And what about the violence is also imposed on the youthful violators who are unjustifiably exposed to ridicule. I call on the DSWD NCIP and MTRCB to take cognizance of this national embarrassment and take the appropriate measures including immediate custody of Rita (13), investigate the circumstances of the other girls and placing them under counseling and cultural sensitivity.With respect to the program, surely laws (IPRA, VAWC and UN conventions) and regulations may have been transgressed and should be applied accordingly. Redlines of societal norms have surely been crossed. Henceforth, representatives of the DSWD and the MTRCB should be present during the entire season of PBB Teen from the very start (planning) or it should be abandoned entirely.”

Just recently, Rita Gabiola got upset when she discovered that some of the female housemates poked fun of her undergarment.

Last night, she broke down as she tries to comfort and resolve the issues surrounding fellow housemate Christian Morones.

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