Watch: Bugoy forgets lyrics, says ‘SORRY’ in the middle of performance on ‘We Love OPM’

Bugoy Drilon forgets the lyrics while performing ‘Saan Na Nga Ba’ng Barkada Ngayon’ on We Love OPM on Saturday, July 9, 2016.

Bugoy Drilon forgets lyrics

Bugoy Drilon and teammates Dominador Aviola and Jovit Baldivino failed to gave a perfect performance on Saturday’s episode of We Love OPM after forgetting the lyrics of ‘Saan Na Nga Ba’ng Barkada Ngayon.’

Bugoy repeatedly said “sorry” in the middle of the performance when he forgot the words of the verse after the first chorus.

Watch on the video below.

“I was mental blocked,” emotional Bugoy said after their number. 

“As your mentor, that mistake didn’t change how I am proud of you. You continue your performance and you finished it very well,” said their mentor Eric Santos.

“This is what we called teachable moment, where you can learn many things. We all made mistakes, you made a mistake and the show must go on. After the mistake.. move on,” said Jim Paredes.

We Love OPM pays tribute to OPM icon Apo Hiking Society this week.

Photo: Screen Grab/ABS-CBN/We Love OPM

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