Watch: Viral Mar Roxas ‘scripted’ answer on ABS-CBN Presidential debate

A 12-second video accusing Mar Roxas of a scripted answer during the ABS-CBN 3rd presidential debate is making rounds online.


In the said video, the uploader questioned why the caption appeared on TV screen before Mar Roxas even said his statement.

Mar Roxas may look too prepared on the debate but the scripted answer on the viral video is based on a silly accusation. The clip, which was edited out from Roxas’ answer, is intentionally made to make Mar and ABS-CBN a cheater.

Here’s the complete answer of Mar Roxas during the segment that shows he just repeated the statement he had already said.

Here’s the viral ‘scripted’ answer of Mar Roxas.

Did ABS-CBN handed the questions to Roxas before the debate? What can you say about this issue? Share your thoughts and views on the comment section below.

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