Woman reportedly gave birth to a snake in South Cotabato

A story about a woman giving birth to a snake in South Cotabato is taking the social media by storm.

According to Bombo Radyo Koronadal, the woman, who choose to keep the secrecy of her identity, gave birth to a snake in South Cotabato.

It was said that the woman first experienced vomiting, weight loss and loss of appetite due to unbearable stomach pain. Ultrasound and test results revealed that she is pregnant.

However, the woman’s condition is worsening. They brought her in three hospitals but none can identify what’s inside her womb due to unusual shape.

They decided to bring the woman to faith healers. Out of 7, only one agree to help them.

After a month of treatment with the faith healer, the woman reportedly gave birth to a snake with piranha-like set of teeth.

Family members witness the birth of the snake, which is still alive after coming out of the womb. The woman’s mother decided to kill it with a bamboo stick and burned its remain.

Apparently, the woman has recovered after the horrific pregnancy.

Do you believe in this story? Any idea how this happen? Share comments on the discussion box below. Source: Bombo Radyo Koronadal

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