Watch: Careless bus driver rams barriers along EDSA

Video of a careless bus driver hitting plastic barriers along EDSA is making rounds online.

careless buss driver edsa hit barrier

In the dash cam video captured by Ian Santos, two buses are seen trying to outrun each other on the southbound bus lane near Ayala intersection in EDSA.

A part of the video shows one bus ramming the plastic barriers — sending them to private vehicle lane. Fortunately, the mishap only interrupted the traffic and no accident happened.

Watch the video below.


Bus lane + EDSA + reckless bus drivers = THIS. (Video from Ian Santos)

Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Monday, February 1, 2016

Santos posted: “My wife and I were driving Southbound on EDSA and right before the Ayala intersection, you’ll see 2 buses in their designated lane racing with each other. The Joanna Jesh bus on the left veers left and hits the plastic barriers causing a domino effect, throwing the barriers onto oncoming traffic. To make it worse, the bus makes no effort to stop until forced to, a few hundred meters down the road. Luckily no vehicles were damaged, no person were hurt, and no further accidents were caused by these id**t drivers racing each other and the st***d plastic barriers meant to keep these buses in their place.”

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