Watch One Piece Episode 726 Video Highlights, Review and Recap

The much-awaited One Piece Episode 726 titled “Fourth Gear! The Phenomenal Bounce-man” has just been released on Sunday, January 17, 2016.

Watch One Piece Episode 726 Video Highlights

The episode gave viewers an action-packed square off between Luffy and Doflamingo.

The satisfying clash started in the second half of the episode where Luffy unleashed his never-before-seen form, the Fourth Gear.

Fourth Gear produces powerful attacks including the supercharged Kong-Gun punch, Rhino-Schneider stomp, Python, Culverin punch and Lion Bazooka (to be use in the next episodes).

Fourth Gear also gave Luffy an armored rubbery body that is capable of deflecting any physical attack. He also got the ability to fly in this Bounce-man form.

Obviously, Doflamingo didn’t stand a chance in Luffy’s Fourth Gear power.

Watch One Piece episode 726 video highlights below.

Meanwhile, next week’s episode will reveal Doflamingo’s counter attack to match Luffy’s Fourth Gear, the Awakening.

One Piece Episode 727 “The Great Counter-Attack! Doflamingo’s Awakening!” will be released next week, Sunday, January 24, 2016.

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