Creepy story revealed after Tagaytay car crash, Huge White Hound Dog seen before accident

A creepy story is being associated to the tragic car crash accident in Tagaytay that ended the lives of six students.


In a Facebook post shared by certain user Princess, she recounts the tragic accident she and her boyfriend witnessed on Sunday.

According to Princess, they happened to see the result of the crash but opted to drove away fearing that the heavily wrecked car might explode any moment. Princess explained that they wanted to help but they don’t want to risk their lives.

Then, Princess revealed a spine-chilling story before the accident happened.

She said that they saw a huge white hound dog in the middle of the road close to the vicinity of the accident. A commenter also share his experience about the huge white dog he saw when he passed by on the same area.

Tagaytay Car Accident white dog


Was the dog involve in the car crash? Could it be a ghost or just a coincidence? What can you say about this creepy side of the story? Share your thoughts and views on the discussion box below.

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