Krista Hughes vs Chris Crump ‘When I Get Where I’m Going’ The Voice Battle Rounds

Krista Hughes and Chris Crump from Team Blake sings ‘When I Get Where I’m Going’ on The Voice Season 9 Battle Rounds, Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

Krista Hughes vs Chris Crump the Voice Battles

“Chris, your chest voice was super strong, that was a great performance. Krista, I heard flat notes on the bridge,” said Pharrell.

“Together your voices blended so well,” said Gwen Stefani.

“Krista you lost control the range a little bit but both of you are exceptional,” said Adam Levine.

“Chris, you did a great job ok taking a country song and turning it in what you do. Krista, you did an incredible job in taking a male song,” said Blake Shelton.

Chris Crump won the battle, no steal for Krista Hughes. Watch their performance on the video below.