Pastillas Girl’s mom reacts on bugaw issue, defends daughter against basher

Teresa Hernandez, the mother of Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl, reacts and defends her daughter about the ‘bugaw’ issue surrounding the match-making segment on It’s Showtime.

Pastillas girl mom on bugaw issue its showtime

On Monday, Mrs. Hernandez and Angelica Yap had a chance to have a heart-to-heart talk about shortcomings and issues regarding their relationship as mother and daughter.

Angelica previously told Vice Ganda that the reason why she’s looking for a new relationship and for someone who would care for her is because she grew up looking after her siblings. She also adds that her mom is strict.

Mrs. Hernandez said that she feels guilty on not being with her daughter during the time she needed her. She also said that she is to blame because she failed to provide what Angelica needed.

Mrs. Hernandez said that she was hurt by all the negative comments thrown at her daughter including the ‘bugaw’ issue. She said that she will never ever do that to her daughter. All she wanted is the happiness of her daughter.

She also appealed to public to know Angelica first before judging her. She also addressed the bashers and asked to look at themselves first because “no one is perfect.”

At the end of the emotional scene, Teresa Hernandez and Angelica Yap agreed to continue what Pastillas Girl started on the show.

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