Jomari and Michael joins search for Mr. Pastillas on It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime introduces two new Mr. Pastillas aspirants, Jomari and Michael, on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Jomari and Michael Pastillas Showtime

Meet Michael Enriquez and Jomari Tormento, the newest aspirants of Pastillas Girl on It’s Showtime’s newest match-making segment “Nasaan Ka Mr. Pastillas.”

Michael Enriquez is from Sydney Australia. Dubbed as Talented Cutie from QC, Michael is working as a print model in Philippines. He also know how to play piano and he knows teakwondo.

According to Michael, he go to Manila because he wanted to get out of his boring life in Sydney and have adventure in the Philippines.

Jomari Tormento, meanwhile, is a 22-year-old HRM graduate from from Baguio City. According to Jomari, he wanted to meet Pastillas Girl in person.

Jomari and Michael will compete along Topher and Evan to win the heart of Ms Pastillas. Jess has been declined by Angelica and out of the competition on Monday.

What can you say about Jomari and Michael? Who’s your bet? Jomari, Michael, Topher or Evan? Discuss on the comment section below!

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