UST allowed Krisel Mallari to enroll in Accountancy program

The University of Santo Tomas finally allowed Krisel Mallari to enroll in Accountancy program.

UST officials ruled out in favor of Krisel Mallari, allowing the 16-year-old salutatorian to enroll in its BS Accountancy program.

The Varsitarian, UST’s official student publication, confirmed the news in a tweet post on Tuesday.

“She was accepted on the merit of the credentials she presented to us.”

The Varsitarian also said that Krisel Mallari is currently processing her enrollment together with her father and lawyer.

Krisel Mallari had a bumpy road in entering the university after her former school denied her certificate of good moral character. The school refuses to issue the document Krisel needed to enroll in University of Santo Tomas.

Last week, Mallari obtained her CGMC though CA order with help from PAO Chief Persida Acosta.

On Tuesday, UST officials discussed the issue and allowed Mallari to enroll in BS Accountancy.

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