Philpost Employee Overcharging Customer Caught on Video

A video showing a Philpost employee swindling money from a customer is making rounds online.

In the video shared on Facebook, a Philpost employee, identified as Floriza Rivera, was seen overcharging a customer for a package he is trying to claim from the agency.

According to Aljohn Santuyo, the person who recorded the footage, Floriza initially charged the $300-package with P3097 tax including Customs fee.

Floriza told him to comeback to the agency the following week for 50% discount — the tax would be P1500 only.

When Santuyo claimed the package and pay the total amount of P1500, the receipt issued to him shows P100 only.

Santuyo said that it is clear that the rest of the amount P1400 goes straight to the pocket of Floriza Rivera.

Watch the video below.


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