PBB737: Direk Wenn Deramas Reacts to Bailey and Kenzo Kissing Video

Wenn V. Deramas reacts to Bailey and Kenzo kissing video, asking Dr. Randy Dellosa if the scene he watched is not a sign of homosexuality.

Well-known film director Wenn V. Deramas shared his opinion regarding the alleged bromance happening between PBB 737 housemates Bailey May Thomas and Kenzo Gutierrez inside Kuya’s house.

On his Facebook page, Deramas posted the controversial video of Bailey and Kenzo jokingly kissing while eating chips. His post reads:

Last week, Dr. Randy Dellosa, PBB resident psychologist, explained that “bromance” is a deep friendship of two males.

“Bailey and Kenzo are the only sons in their families that’s why there is natural longing for a brother. Their relationship is younger-brother and older-brother relationship,” he said.

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