PBB 737 Housemate Kenzo asked Bailey “Barbie or Me?”

PBB 737 housemate Kenzo Gutierrez asked Bailey May Thomas — “Barbie or Me?”

A scene inside Pinoy Big Brother house has again made headline after Kenzo Gutierrez asked Bailey May Thomas to choose between him and Barbie.

In the said conversation, muslim housemate Aila Antopina put Bailey on a hot seat by asking unavoidable question in front of Kenzo and other housemates.

“Who is your love? Don’t lie. God is watching you,” Aila asked Bailey.

Then Kenzo, Bailey’s best friend inside PBB house, gave choices, Barbie or him.

Below is the full conversation:

Aila: Who is your love? Don’t lie. God is watching you.

Kenzo: Barbie or Me?

Aila: Say it!

Bailey: Is there a choice of anything else?

Kenzo: No Bro.

Aila: Kenzo or Barbie?

Bailey: I cannot answer.

Aila: Why?

Bailey: None of them. If I have to walk out I’d walk out.

Last week, all eyes were at Kenzo and Bailey after photos and videos of their alleged bromance inside the house went viral on social media.

Yesterday, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB summoned the PBB 737 executives after the agency received complains from the viewers.

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