PBB 737: Ailah Antopina evicted from Pinoy Big Brother house

Ailah Antopina is evicted from Pinoy Big Brother house, the sad news was announced at the end of PBB 737 Second Eviction Night on Friday, July 10, 2015.

Muslim teen housemate Ailah Antopina is the latest evicted contestant from Pinoy Big Brother house. The 13-year-old “Faithful Daughter of Bacolod”  received the lowest percentage of text votes from the viewers.

The other housemates saved by the public and will continue to stay inside Kuya’s house are Ryan Bacalla, Bailey May, Zonia Mejia and Ylona Garcia.

The leaderboard reveals that Bailey got 29.28% of votes, Ylona got  21.89%, Zonia with 23.4%, Ryan with 15.04% and Ailah with 10.38%

What do you think of the first eviction results? Have something to say? Write your opinion on the comment box below.

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