Patrick Bertoletti Devours 120 Raw Eggs on America’s Got Talent 2015

Patrick Bertoletti, extreme eater, devoured 120 raw eggs for his audition on America’s Got Talent, Tuesday, July 7, 2015.

A 29-year-old chef from Chicago and extreme eater enlists the help of the Judges to crack 120 eggs that he eats.

“It is a form of entertainment and it is a talent and I think it’s a crazy talent. Im intrigue,” said Howie.

“I don’t know but I didn’t love it,” said Heidi.

“I have two opposite emotions about this. On one hand, I got a guy who wants to destroy his body and on the other hand is entertainment. This is entertainment and I liked it,” said Howard.

Patrick Bertoletti received three yeses and he is through to the next round. Watch his performance on the video below.