Luis Manzano fought back against hater on Twitter

Actor and host Luis Manzano fought back against a basher who labeled him “gay” after he shared a photo of himself promoting a clothing line that he endorses.

In a post shared by Manzano on Wednesday, a hater harshly commented on the actor’s tweet asking if Luis was gay.

“What is that? Gay? Haha. Peace,” the basher wrote.

The actor seemed to be agitated by the comment which resulted him to post a tweet directed at the basher.

“Oink oink! Careful on fiestas, bro! Your mother should have been on the headlines before, she gave birth to a piglet! Hahaha,” He wrote first on Twitter.

The hater replied to Luis and said: “Admit that you are gay. You, artists are liars. The lowest profession in the whole universe!”

This pushed Luis to post consecutive tweets insulting the basher and even posting a photo of the user.

He clarified that it was him who posted those tweets when some of his followers thought his account was hacked. He also explained that “it’s ok to fight back once in a while.”

He tweeted:

The host also added that the gay rumor wasn’t anything new to him and it wasn’t actually a war. He even regarded those chain of posts as fun and it gave him a good laugh. Photo: FashionPulis

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