Kris Aquino does not receive financial support from her sons’ fathers

Queen of all media Kris Aquino straightforwardly said that she shoulders all of her sons’ needs when her followers commented about her ex-husbands on her Instagram post.

On July 25, Kris posted a video clip of her son Josh, who is busy using his smartphone after being banned from using it. She posted:

One follower got curious as to why Kris never mentioned her ex-husband Philip Salvador on her posts. The follower commented and asked if she and Josh’s father, went through a bad split or they just want to keep everything private.

The Queen of all media clarified that she does not communicate with Philip Salvador and bluntly said that Philip does not play any active role on her eldest son’s life. She defended that she is not calling Salvador out, that she is just blessed with the ability to bring up her son. She also highlighted that she is very fortunate to have her family and her friends around her, who help her in supporting Josh’s special needs. She commented:

Another follower tried to state that James Yap, Bimby’s father is better than Philip in terms of supporting his son with Kris.

“Of course out in your life and Josh because Philip Salvador doesn’t support either financial or emotional. James Yap is better.”

Kris ended the topic when she answered this comment point-blank:


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