Strange Sound Heard in Batangas, Philippines – Real or Fake?

A video recording of a strange sound coming from the sky in Lobo, Batangas is making rounds online.

Vincent Andy Magnaye, who took the footage, said he heard the strange trumpet-like sound from the sky for about 7-10 minutes on June 4.

Vincent also said that birds and dogs acts strange when the creepy phenomenon happened.

Below is the actual footage.

Posted by Vincent Andy Magnaye on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The unusual occurrence happened not only in the Philippines, many accounts have been recorded around the world and have been observed by experts.

In an article posted on Mirror, NASA confirmed that the strange sounds heard across the globe are real, calling them tweeks, whistlers and sferics.

NASA further explained that the sound is earth’s background noise, which is a natural radio emission. “If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.”

However, Magnaye’s claim could be fake. Everything you heard in his footage is explained in Chris White’s ‘strange trumpet sound debunking’ clip.

Did Vincent lie to the media? Is it real or fake? You decide.

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