PBB 737: Kenzo asks for Bailey’s Brief as Souvenir

Kenzo and Bailey bromance intensifies as Kenzo asked for Bailey’s brief as souvenir.

“Can I have a brief of yours?” Kenzo Gutierrez jokingly asked Bailey May Thomas during a conversation inside Pinoy Big Brother house.

The scene, which became one of the most controversial, was recorded by fans via PBB 737 24/7 free livestream on Sky Cable.

In the video, Kenzo, Bailey and Kyle are seen talking about the first nomination night and the nearing eviction on Friday. At one point of the scene, Kenzo asked Bailey for his brief as souvenir.

Bailey and Kenzo BROMANCE #PBB737 Kenzo Humingi ng Brief kay Bailey

Posted by Pinoy Big Brother on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Read their conversation below:

Kenzo: You can keep my ball if I get evicted…so you can play with it if you get bored. Can I have a brief of yours? Nah, I’m just kidding.

Bailey: Yes, you can. Put it in a glass box. I’ll give you the stained ones…the stained briefs.

Last week, Kenzo and Bailey creates online buzz after displaying some bromance inside Kuya’s house.

Dr. Randy Dellosa, PBB resident psychologist, clarifies that Bailey and Kenzo’s relationship is “brotherly love, a deep friendship between two males.”

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