Inverted Philippine Flag on Pinoy Athlete Uniform at SEA Games is a Supplier Error

The inverted Philippine flag on the uniform of Pinoy sprinters Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson is an error from the supplier, says Philip Ella Juico.

Philip Ella Juico, the chief of the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) clarifies that the inverted Philippine stitched in the uniform of Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson is an error from the supplier.

“The inverted Philippine flag is a supplier error which is being corrected,” Juico said in a statement.

“It was stitched on in just a few competition uniforms. This minor lapse should not detract from the fact that our Athletics team is performing in an outstanding manner and is doing the country proud,” he added.

The vest with inverted flag has now been corrected.

Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson bagged the gold medal for winning the 100-meter events in the 28th SEA Games in Singapore on Tuesday.

However, netizens come to notice the upside-down Philippine flag on their vest, which symbolizes war.

The distraction sparked debates online prompting questions of “is it appropriate to use the inverted flag while competing in sports or not”?

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