Survivor: Worlds Apart Results Winner, Season 30 Live Finale Recap

Who won Survivor: Worlds Apart Season 30? No results yet but the winner will be revealed later tonight, Wednesday, May 20, 2015!

Survivor Worlds Apart season finale tonight — one castaway will be crowned the Sole Survivor for Season 30!

The remaining five survivors competing in the finale are Mike Holloway, Carolyn Rivera, Rodney Lavoie Jr, Sierra Thomas and Will Sims II

Who do you think will win the Survivor: Worlds Apart? Write your prediction on the comment section below!

Recap and winner will be posted below once announced!

  • Sierra is voted out and the seventh member of the jury.
  • Mike wins immunity!
  • Carolyn wins Fire Making Challenge!
  • Rodney is eliminated and the final member of the jury.

Final Three
1. Will Sims II
2. Mike Holloway
3. Carolyn Rivera


  • Jenn vote for Mike, Rodney vote for Will, and Sierra votes for Carolyn.
  • Votes from the studio:  The first vote is for Mike. The next vote is for Will. The next vote is for Carolyn. Then next one is for Mike. The next one is also for Mike. The last vote Jeff reads is for Mike.

Survivor: Worlds Apart Season 30 Winner: Mike Holloway

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