Celia Veloso Aplogizes for Statements Against Philippine Government

Celia Veloso, the mother of drug convict Mary Jane Veloso, came out to the public and apologizes for her negative remarks about the Philippine government and President Aquino.

In an interview aired by ABS-CBN News on TV Patrol, Veloso said that she was emotionally overwhemelmed when she returned  from Indonesia. She explained that she incorrectly uttered her statements becuase she is tired and and sleepless.

“I used the wrong words. I didn’t mean what I said. Please forgive me. As a mother, I saw and felt what happened to my daugther,” she said.

Veloso appealed to the public for understanding, saying what her family is going through is not easy.

“I asked for your fogiveness, epecially from parents like me who will do everything for thier child, even give up their lives,” Celia said.

Celia  Veloso also said that before they went home to the Philippines, she and her family thanked everyone including the President of the Philippines.

Mrs. Veloso was heavily bashed online after criticizing the Philippine governement and Aquino administrtaion for their shortcomings in handling her daugther’s case.

Her statements during the press conference arranged by Migrante, angers netizens saying that Celia is an “ingrate” and “ungrateful.”

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