Local Newspaper Killed Mary Jane Veloso

Popular local newspapers killed Mary Jane Veloso in their headlines for Wednesday print!

Local newspapers including The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin published their Wednesday print ahead of Mary Jane Veloso’s execution.

As a result, their headlines turned out wrong as Indonesian leader decided to spare Veloso at the last minute of her scheduled execution.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer headline reads: “Death came before dawn” with sub-heading “The nation was praying to save her.”

Inside the article, a phrase reads: “Only a miracle could have saved her as twelve sharpshooters were assigned to each of the nine convicts, all aiming at his and her heart at the distance of five to 10 meters.”

Manila Bulletin headlines “No delay in execution” while Philippine Star published “Screaming for mercy.”

According to Coconuts Manila, the submission deadline for editorial materials to the printing press is usually 11:30pm.

While Veloso and 8 other convicts are schedule to face the firing squad early Wednesday morning, writers did not anticipate the turn of event and wrote an article assuming that Veloso is dead.

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