Travis Ewing sings ‘Say My Name’ on The Voice Season 8 Blind Auditions

Travis Ewing  performed his version of ‘Say My Name’ on The Voice Season 8 Blind Auditions on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Coach Christina, Blake and Pharrell turned their chairs for Travis Ewing.

“You’re great and I love that song,” said Adam. “You have to be on my team. I heard the silkiness and texture of your voice,” said Christina Aguilera.

“I feel a little bit out of my league here. My job is to help turn a spotlight on you and help who you want to be,” said Blake.

“You’re so in the pocket. I am a fan, I would really love a shot in assisting you in your vision,” said Pharrell.

Travis Ewing picks Team Pharrell. Watch his performance on the video below.